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Introducing TRM KURASYN PB- All your questions answered!

Introducing TRM KURASYN PB- All your questions answered!


KURASYN PB is the most technically advanced equine supplement on the market for orthopaedic, articular and muscular comfort.


The pioneering joint supplement is designed for rapid results, providing fast-acting comfort it comes in a syringe form for easy administration.


What’s in KURASYN PB and how does it work?


You may know, or even use, KURASYN 360X, which has been our top selling joint supplement, but now the KURASYN is growing with the introduction of KURASYN PB.


Much like KURASYN 360X, KURASYN PB contains microencapsulated Curcumin that has 85 times greater absorption levels compared with standard Curcumin, and 360 times more bioavailable than natural turmeric. This means the incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in Curcumin are significantly more bioavailable than in turmeric, something which has been used medicinally by us for centuries.


What is Microencapsulated Curcumin and why is it better?


The curcumin in KURASYN PB is micro-encapsulated in natural oligo-saccharides to further enhance absorption/bioavailability and plasma concentrations.


How is KURASYN PB different to KURASYN 360X?

You may be wondering what is different between KURASYN 360X & KURASYN PB, well KURASYN PB is a syringe formula that is highly concentrated PLUS it contains the key ingredient micellar solubilized Boswellia serrata.


Boswellia is a tree that is native to India, and in the sap that seeps out of the bark comes Boswellia serrata. The resin-like sap is known to have properties that decreases inflammation and increases immune response. Because of this, Boswellia is used to support joint discomfort and help inflammation within the joints for both humans and horses alike.


Which is the best joint supplement for my horse? KURASYN 360X OR KURASYN PB?


Each horse is different and each horse has different joint support requirements. However, we recommend using a good quality joint supplement for all sports horses no matter what the discipline. Horses involved in any form of competition – horse racing, show jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance riding, polo etc – will all be worked at a high level of intensity in both training and competition. For that reason, we suggest use of a joint supplement such as KURASYN on a daily basis.


You don’t need to choose between KURASYN 360X or KURASYN PB – one is not better than the other:

Choose KURASYN 360X for every-day use

Choose KURASYN PB to add-on to your daily use of KURASYN 360X and boost the benefits of supplementation during times of rehabilitation, competition additional training or stress.


Is KURASYN PB Competition safe?


Yes -  this product is free from banned substances under UK guidelines (December 2021).


Does KURASYN PB replace the need for other joint supplements?


The simple answer is – No. Many supplements, not just joint products, require a loading rate period. This is because it takes a while for the missing nutrient to build up in the horse. Once the stores of the particular nutrients are replenished, a smaller maintenance dose can be given to uphold optimum levels.


When it comes to KURASYN PB, you are unlikely to see the maximum effect if the horse is receiving no other joint supplement. This is because if your horse is already lacking the key components that provide joint comfort, so it will take a lot of this product to make an effect when used alone. This would not be cost-effective which is why we recommend combining KURASYN PB with a maintenance joint supplement such as KURASYN 360X. KURASYN PB is not designed for long term use, rather for short periods when optimum performance or recovery is required.


When to use KURASYN PB?


  • Before and after periods of physical stress.
  • Continuously for horses in hard training, and intense competition.
  • During periods of rehabilitation from injury.
  • For senior horses.


Do joint supplements like KURASYN PB & KURAYN 360X really work?

There is ever-increasing research going into both human and equine supplements with varying results in its findings.  Generally, across the board of supplements, reports have shown great improvements in some cesses while others have shown little to no effect.  Understandably, this can put some people off investing in supplements.


Fortunately, none have ever shown any harm. What is more, you often find that people are happy to invest on the grounds that they are more likely to see improvements with a supplement than without it. 


Many horses owners report evidence that supplementation works, and professional sports horse customers that repeatedly purchase supplements such TRM KURASYN are testament to this.


Joint supplementation is most effective when it is used proactively, rather than reactively. Meaning it is better to be used as a preventative to injury, rather than only deployed once an injury has occurred. That’s said, joint supplementation has effectively provided countless horses comfort following injury or intense periods of work.


The bottom line- A joint supplement is an excellent place to start if you want to give your horse extra support and protect its joints. Although it may not be as powerful as the treatment you could get from your vet, it is significantly cheaper and more readily available. Plus, if used proactively, it could save you money by avoiding future hefty vet bills.


Is KURASYN PB worth the cost?

KURASYN PB is a premium joint supplement, so it also has a premium price coming in at £29.99 per box. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap fix, this product may not be for you.


However, if you are looking for a trusted brand that uses high-quality ingredients in a concentrated formula, then look no further than TRM supplements, Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Nutritional Feeds Supplements and General Healthcare products for Horses.


Immense scientific work has gone into creating KURASYN PB and TRM have produced case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the product.


To conclude - If you already use a joint supplement but are looking for a product to give your horse the extra comfort it needs to perform or feel its best, it could be well worth giving KURASYN PB a try.


To learn more about joint health click here.






(This case study has been provided and written by TRM)

Case Study 1: Charlie, 9-year-old, grey Thoroughbred.

Condition: Sever cellulitis of near hind limb


Haematology and biochemistry Day 0:

Charlie had severely elevated Serum Amyloid A (SAA*) levels at 714.1 ug/ml the normal range being 0-10

Charlie had low Glutathione Peroxidase (GPX) ** levels of 58.2 iu/ml RBC indicating low antioxidant activity and ability to fight infection.

Haematology and biochemistry Day 4 after 3 daily doses of KURASYN PB:

Serum Amyloid A (SAA*) levels down to 500.7 ug/ml (from 714.1 ug/ml)

Observational notes: Weeping and discharge from the sores had stopped.


Haematology and biochemistry Day after 6 daily doses of KURASYN PB:

Serum Amyloid A (SAA) levels down to normal range of <1.00 ug/ml (from 714.1 ug/ml)

GPX levels increased to 72.7 iu/ml RBC indicating a positive increase in antioxidant activity levels.

Observational notes: Veterinarian noted significant reduction in swelling.



See Full Clinical Pathology Report Bellow




* Serum Amyloid A (SAA)

Serum amyloid A protein (SAA) was discovered in blood serum components as a precursor to the deposited protein (amyloid A protein) which occurs in secondary amyloidosis accompanying inflammatory diseases. SAA is synthesized by the liver, and its concentrations in the blood increase with infectious diseases, malignant tumors, autoimmune diseases, and tissue necrosis.

Serum amyloid A (SAA) is the major acute phase protein in horses. It is produced during the acute phase response, a nonspecific systemic reaction to any type of tissue injury.

In the blood of healthy horses, SAA concentration is very low, but it increases dramatically with inflammation. Due to the short half-life of SAA, changes in its concentration in blood closely reflect the onset of inflammation and, therefore, measurement of SAA useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease and response to treatment. SAA has proven useful for detection of some subclinical pathologies that can disturb training and competing in equine athletes. Increasing availability of diagnostic tests for both laboratory and field use adds to SAA’s applicability as a reliable indicator of horses’ health status.


** Glutathione Peroxidase (GPx)

Glutathione Peroxidase (GPX) catalyses the oxidation of Glutathione (GSH) by Cumene animals Hydroperoxide. In the presence of Glutathione Reductase (GR) and NADPH, the oxidised Glutathione (GSSG) is immediately converted to the reduced form with a concomitant oxidation of NADPH to NADP+.

GPx displays an inverse correlation with free radicals and consequently oxidative stress. A reduction in GPx activity, can cause antioxidant protection to be impaired, resulting in oxidative damage to the membrane fatty acids and functional proteins, resulting in neurotoxic damage. Decreased GPx activity can result in progression of several health problems, including: cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes, atherosclerosis and neurodegenerative disorders.





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