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Supporting Your Horse’s Joint Health

Supporting Your Horse’s Joint Health

Joint health is extremely important for horses as it will not only affect their performance, but it will also influence their overall welfare and quality of life.

While we tend to only consider joint health amongst older horses, all types of riding can put stress on horses’ joints. Over time, this can lead to general wear and tear that may hinder a horses’ athletic potential.

That is why, whatever your discipline, it is essential to protect your horse’s joints to prevent any future problems.

Ongoing joint care can help minimise the risk of injury, aid fitness and improve the all-round performance of your horse.

A training routine that incorporates a sufficient warm up and cool down is essential, but there are also many other simple steps you can take to preserve your horse’s athleticism as well as aiding healing.

Nutritional support is an effective way to provide additional care for your horse regardless of their age or work level.


When should I give my horse a joint supplement?

Simply put- It’s never too early to start!

It is commonly understood that older horses may become arthritic, causing stiffness and inflammation of the joints. This can become very painful and lead to an early retirement or even reduce overall quality of life. This is due to a deterioration of cartilage within the joint, leaving exposed bone which causes pain and inflammation. Early supplementation can reduce the risk of arthritis or delay its onset by supporting and maintaining the health of your horse's joints. 


Even earlier still- your colt that is growing by the day could reap huge benefits from additional joint support. This is because postnatal growth is the main window to potentially optimize long-term skeletal health, and some nutritional joint supplements can provide potential building blocks for the molecules which are structurally important for the cartilage in joints.


Which joint support to choose?

Following extensive research, KURASYN 360X was created in consultation with leading veterinary pharmacists and made with the highest quality ingredients to support horses and their owners to achieve their goals.

KURASYN 360X contains highly bioavailable Curcumin, the active component of Turmeric, a well-known spice that has been used in human and equine medicine for hundreds of years due to its antioxidant properties that provide support for the digestive, muscoskeletal and immune systems. Unlike its native Turmeric, Curcumin is 360 times more bioavailable which aids suppleness and ease of movement. It also contains a mega dose of Hyaluronic Acid, 155mg per 50ml. Hyaluronic Acid is a key component of the synovial fluid which acts as a lubricant within joints. The product is targeted as a support to horses before and after periods of physical stress and for horses in hard training and intense competition.

Stride HA is a supplement that contains four key ingredients, Glucosamine HCl, Methylsufonylmethane, Chondroitin Sulphate and Hyaluronic Acid, all of which combine to nutritionally maintain healthy cartilage and joints. Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is a naturally occurring sulphur containing compound. Studies suggest that MSM have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. There is also research that points to three mechanisms by which Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate can support joint health by:

  • Inhibiting enzymes and regulatory molecules involved in the breakdown of cartilage
  • Stimulating build-up of key components of the extracellular matrix which is responsible for the structural integrity of cartilage
  • Supply building blocks for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans which are important molecules in the structure of cartilage

As it is also particularly palatable to shy feeders, this supplement is excellent for all horses.


Further support for your horse

In conjunction with any supplement, here are some more ways to ensure optimal joint health for your horse:

  • Keep your horse at an ideal weight – carrying excess weight will increase stress on the joints
  • Ensure your horse’s hooves are regularly trimmed and shoed where required - imbalances will increase strain on the joints
  • Look out for early signs of joint problems such as heat, lameness or swelling
  • Minimise work on hard surfaces
  • Build up workload steadily, particularly after a period of rest or injury