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Feed Room For Horses

The feed room is a crucial part of any equine establishment; this area is the engine-room for the health and wellbeing of your stock. Containing feed equipment, supplements, supplies and feeding charts, the feed room needs to be clean and tidy, but filled with the correct items and equipment. Our Feed Room category section is a perfect place to start kitting out your very own room, here you will find tools to measure and prepare feed for your animals.

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Feed Room (continued)

We also recommend our other categories, which compliment the Feed Room category, these include: Feeding Equipment and Feed Trolleys, which, when combined, will offer you all the tools and equipment needed to create a fully functioning feed room.

Feed rooms should have a working electrical system for lights in the early winter mornings or late night prep work. Electricity is also important to power a refrigerated medical cabinet, which are essential for storing certain medication. We offer a basic medical cabinet, ideal for the feed room, which is adequate for most farms and stables. We also stock feed scoops and scales to precisely measure the feed quantity for each horse, this is of course an important area for anyone responsible for feeding animals to be accurate in. Racehorses and performance horses are fed specific amounts of food and supplements to ensure a high level of performance, therefore precise measurement equipment is a must when caring for the equine athlete.