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Leg Clays

Leg Clays a are a great way of cooling or warming horses’ legs. Here at Farm & Stable we stock a wide range of leg clays from leading manufacturers, such as the TRM from Ireland. Horses’ tendons and ligaments can get “tight” after extensive exercise, presenting a greater risk of injury after training or competition. Leg clays provide an excellent solution for a post workout cool down, as they are easy to apply and remove.

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Leg Clays (continued)

Most equine leg clays should be applied to the leg cold; this will draw out any excess heat found in the horse’s legs. They are most commonly applied to the lower legs of the horse, where there is less tissue to protect tendons and ligaments. The tendons in a horse’s lower legs are involved in every aspect of its run cycle, and are subjected to large amounts of pressure on a regular basis, making them extremely vulnerable to overheating. Overheating of tendons is a very common problem in horses; at a certain temperature, cellular degeneration occurs within the tendon, this makes the tendon more susceptible to rips or tears. A torn tendon is a debilitating injury, which can end a horse’s professional career, meaning that the use of leg clays plays an important element of equine care.

Some leg clays can also be applied warm; perfect for getting a horse’s tendons and ligaments supple before training. Just as in humans, warming up before exercise is essential for horses. Not only does this tend to lead to increased performance, it also lowers the risk of injury to the horse. Warming the lower legs prepares the ligaments and muscles for exercise, and can lower the risk of acute injuries such as sprains and repetitive strain injuries.

Farm & Stable Leg Clays, for “Warm Up” and “Cool Down.”