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Horse Needles & Syringes

The Farm & Stable selection of needles and syringes have been selected for their excellent design. Generally, we recommend the Terumo brand which is one of the most recognizable and trusted suppliers in medical equipment. We offer Terumo disposable needles which are perfect for use on equine animals, needles which are specifically selected for their quality and precision. Terumo needles are manufactured with a unique double bevel design, which boasts a precision-ground development process. This manufacturing technique creates an extremely sharp needle, thus allowing the needle to puncture the skin with less force, creating a more comfortable experience for both the animal and the user.

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Needles & Syringes (continued)

We also sell sharps containers to house any used needles, or other sharp medical equipment, after use. Any object being used on patients has the potential to pose a biological risk to the general public and staff, hypodermic needles and other sharp objects present a greater risk for their ability to puncture the skin and expose contaminants directly into the blood stream. Our sharps containers allow sharp objects to be disposed of safely, reducing the risk of injury and cross contamination from accidental needle-stick injuries.

We offer Terumo disposable dosing syringes which can be used as a measuring device for medications and supplements, this is useful for any people keeping horses, farm animals and even pets. Terumo disposable syringes are of course compatible with Terumo disposable needles and are great combination for any intravenous procedures that need to be performed.