How does the Rewards4More scheme work?

The scheme is very simple straightforward and as soon as you’re logged in and registered, you start receiving reward points on your first transaction:

  • The Rewards4More is an online loyalty points scheme.
  • You can view your Rewards4More points at any time by logging in and accessing your account, your Rewards4More points can be redeemed at any time against products which are assigned to the Rewards4More scheme.
  • Rewards4More points can only be earned through online sales.

Why do I need to Login?

The scheme is administered electronically and you will be notified of your total Rewards4more points to your registered email address only.

Earn Rewards4More points for every product purchased to save you money. 100 points = £1.00 saved on your next order

Extra Rewards4More points on specific products and or offers are available from time to time.

I can’t log onto my Account – what shall I do?

To access your Rewards4More account online visit

Firstly, make sure that you have correctly entered your log-in access details which were in the welcome letter you received confirming your reward card account registration. The data is case sensitive and it can very easily become corrupted. The best way to avoid this is to copy and paste the information which should then allow you to log in.

If your email address changes you will need to email us at- confirming your contact details & postcode so your reward card login can be updated.

If you are still unable to log in please contact us on 01730 815800 confirming your contact details & postcode and email address in order for us to investigate.

I have checked my statement and it appears I have not received all of the Rewards4More that I was expecting. What should I do?

Please double check your account email spam and junk mail folders to make sure that the incoming Rewards4More email has not been blocked. If you still feel some Rewards4More points are missing, please advise us by email on, attaching details of your purchase, and we will investigate.


Rewards4More points have no monetary value. Thus, they cannot be exchanged for cash or used as a credit against an account. Rewards4More points can only be exchanged for products or items offered within the Rewards4More scheme. The products offered within the scheme within are at the full and sole discretion of Farm & Stable Supplies LLP.

Farm & Stable Supplies LLP 04.08.2017