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Horse Liniment

Liniments & Body Washes are topical applications used to clean skin and soothe deep tissues, they are in the main tailored specifically for horses but also a number of them are perfect for use on many animals besides horses, for example many of the products are ideally suited for cats and dogs.

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Liniments & Body Washes (continued)

Sports horses and racing horses undergo rigorous training, coupled with intensive exercise. Liniments can be used as for cooling and tightening post-exercise, or they can be used to warm the horse’s soft tissues before training. Some of our liniments have antiseptic qualities so therefore will help the cleansing of any cuts or abrasions found on the horse’s body. Some liniments -particularly the more potent formulations- may contravene the rules of competition, so please be aware of the restrictions placed on particular ingredients.

Our equine body washes are perfect for cleaning horse’s coats and hair, they range from insecticidal shampoos to medicated shampoos, all tailored to the specific need of the horse. Our Steri-7 Medicated shampoo for horses is known for its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, whilst also being sensitive and gentle to the horse’s skin. Equine body washes can be antiseptic, antibacterial, viricidal, fungicidal and sporicidal, making them a great preventative measure against a range of ailments that can plague equine professionals and race horses. Every horse is different and horses tend to react differently to certain shampoos and body washes, therefore it is important to test each product before use, and thoroughly research the product you’ve purchased. Bearing this in mind, we have taken extra care to stock a wide range of products in this category, allowing you to find product ideally suited product to your horse.