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Equine Biosecurity

Hygiene and Biosecurity are critical on the yard - ensuring your team and your horses remain safe at all times. Farm & Stable offer a wide range of Yard hygiene, hand sanitisers, face masks, overalls and high level products that are designed for the specific needs of Equine professionals.

Our range of Santil and Steri-7 equine disinfectants plus applicators such as Foggers and pressurised sprayers combine to make your yard safe for your horses and staff.

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Biosecurity (continued)

Our PPE range is equally useful to farmers or horse owners as they are exposed to a great number of health risks on a daily basis. Common risks include respiratory irritants, organic dust, spores from manure pits, etc. Manure pits allow hydrogen sulphide to accumulate; this can create a very dangerous environment for anyone working in the general area of a manure pit. Our protective mask selection includes masks that are effective against a wide range of spores, dust, pollen, animal dander and pathogens.

(Our PPE Masks are designed for non-risk uses only, they are not classified as respiratory devices)

Farm & Stable’s range of medical gloves are tried and tested for suitability and durability, we stock latex and nitrile medical gloves. Medical gloves can be a great defence against bacteria and fungus, they are intended to be disposed of after each use, thus limiting the possible spread of germs from patient to patient. Medical gloves protect both the veterinary staff and the patient from bacteria, they should be used when dealing with body fluids, open wounds, body tissue, mucus and blood.

Don't forget that virus' and bacteria can be transmitted by tools and grooming equimpment too. Use our dispensers for hand sanitiser and useful surface spray bottles to make sure equipment cleaned between uses and wiped down.