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Stable & Yard

Farm & Stable offer a wide range of high quality & durable Yard & Stable equipment. This of course includes the ever popular  Duracorral range of plastic fence & gate panels, these join together to create easily moveable turnout pens and lunge rings whenever and wherever you need them - from creep pens to restricting grazing our Dura Range provides endless possibilities.  You'll also find yard hygiene, brushes, brooms, electric fencing and water troughs and connections.

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Stable & Yard
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Stable & Yard (continued)

In this section you will find products to stock your yard making it a comfortable, clean and safe environment for your animals. Maintenance products are essential for yards and stables, therefore we have created individual categories for cleaning equipment, for pest control and for weed control.

A safe environment is essential for all animals, especially horses, and occupying them is also important. Boredom can manifest into a range of equine behaviours, for example weaving and gulping, to avoid these situations we also stock haynets, which slow down their food intake and occupy the horse for an extended period plus a range of boredom breakers too including hay rollers and even stable mirrors.

Our range of products for the yard and stable does not stop at maintenance equipment and stable accessories; we also stock the full range of stable tools every yard requires. Within the electric fence section are the energisers, fence posts and electric wires necessary to create electric fences for every requirement. In the water management section, our range extends from the transporting of water to animals in paddocks far from the initial water source, to buckets, water hoses and washing-down facilities. This section includes all the equipment needed required to deliver a safe and comfortable environment for your animals.