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Pasture & Paddock Management

Managing your horses’ paddocks is an important task that will directly affect the horses’ welfare and wellbeing. Cultivating the right combination of plants and grasses in your paddocks, whilst eliminating potentially harmful plants, is the first step to creating a healthy environment for your animals.

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Pasture & Paddock (continued)

We stock Suregrow Paddock Grass Seed Mix, which is an assortment of of grass seeds specifically designed for equines. This special mix creates a quick growing grass that establishes fast in most soils, is hardwearing and which grows throughout the season. Our range of weed killers will help you to create a safer paddock for your animals, eliminating unwanted weeds and dangerous plants, such as ragwort. It is recommended you use a fertilizer to create a lush paddock perfect for horses to graze, this can be greatly assisted through the use of our Suregrow Fertiliser, which is safe to use on horse paddocks. Suregrow Fertiliser is an organic fertilizer specifically formulated for use on horse and pony paddocks, so it is not necessary to remove the animals whilst treating.