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Horse Clippers

Horses grow long woolly coats, which protect them from harsh weather and prevent heat loss in the winter. This is an advantage for most animals that live in areas of the world where harsh winters are common, however, domestic horses are generally not affected by this cold weather as they are often stabled and also are working through the winter months, thus making thick coats a disadvantage.

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Clippers & Trimming (continued)

Overheating can be a serious problem in horses, so shaving excess hair is perfect for alleviating excess body heat. Symptoms of overheating include more rapid breathing, a disinterest in their surroundings, and a weakened gait. Dehydration is an immediate risk for animals overheating; you should supply fresh drinking water and try to cool down the horse with a fan or even by pouring water over its body.

The problem of overheating is common in animals that work throughout the year; this is because long hair will retain unwanted body heat which will raise the horse’s temperature, causing the animal to sweat more. Sweating is an excellent way of cooling the body temperature, it works by heat transferring from the body to the sweat as it evaporates. A heavy coat can trap the sweat locking it close to the horse’s skin, this stops the sweat from evaporating and so renders the process useless. This is a major problem because sweat contains essential electrolytes and salts, which are lost through perspiration. To summarize, horses with longer coats sweat more without cooling down and furthermore lose electrolytes and minerals quickly. This will lower their overall performance and reduce stamina.

Our range of clippers is perfect for a variety of clipping from full body to small areas. We stock special close-clipping blades which are very useful for clipping horses in preparation medical treatments and operations. We sell a range of trimmers to shave intricate areas of the animal, they are perfect for the heads and small patches of hair.