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Foggers & Disinfectant

Disinfection of any building always provides a challenge to farm or stable managers due to the fact of having a variety of surfaces to be disinfected, which can include brick, concrete, wood, plastics, fabric and metal surfaces. From areas as diverse as old barn walls to timber stable doors to the turnout rug all have the ability to harbour disease, and all these surfaces can become contaminated with a wide range of pathogens. Of the commonly occurring infectious diseases for which disinfection and disease control are especially important, rotavirus diarrhoea, salmonellosis and strangles are the most difficult to control. Phenolic disinfectants have been scientifically demonstrated to be effective in the presence of organic matter and are also viricidal.

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Foggers & Disinfectant (continued)

Preventing an infection is safer and cheaper than curing one, so prevention is better than cure! There are now available many products on the market, some which are unfortunately not approved and therefore carry no guarantee to effectiveness. Product which are approved carry the DEFRA approval and offer assurance and that is why so many horse owners and farmers and vets put their faith in our long-lasting and effective commercial cleaning products which boast a 14-day biosecurity barrier disinfectant. Farm & Stable’s range of disinfectants includes bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and viricidal disinfectants will all help to protect your horse from infections such as Aspergillus Niger, Streptococcus (strangles), Ringworm, Parvovirus, MRSA, Rhodococcus equi, E. coli, Salmonella SP, SARS, and Avian Flu. As with all disinfectants, cleanliness is key, so we advise all customers using these disinfectants to clear their stable of debris and manure, practice good human hygiene, and to take advantage of our range of disinfectants for use in disinfectant machines such as knapsack sprayers and fogging machines.

Always remember that infections can easily be carried to humans and vice versa so it is highly important that you take care of your own personal hygiene in the washing of hands and clothing where appropriate with a suitable disinfectant. DEFRA approved hand sanitisers and hand soaps are available from Farm & Stable. If you need any advice on the best and most suited disinfectant to use please contact our sales team on 01730 815800 for specialist help.