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How To and Product Guides

Here you can find a collection of "How To" Guides on how to use certain products. Please Contact Us if you feel any product requires more explanation


Electric Fencing

Here at Farm & Stable we sell components to set up electric fence systems. We stock every thing you need to set up an electric fence system for a range animals, such as horses and cattle. If you are interested in setting up your own electric fence system simply click the link below to find out all the information you need.


External Parasites in Dogs & Cats

Cats and dogs are susceptible to many external parasites, the level depending on the environment, the time of the year, contact with others and habitat to name but a few. This guide outlines the most common external parasites and how to control them.


Rug Size Guide

Measurement for different rugs vary from different styles, certain countries even use slightly different techniques for measuring a horse rug, which can get confusing. To find out how certain styles and fittings affect measurement simply click the link below to make sure you buy the right rug for your horse.


Equine Winter Worming

In cold months, the low temperatures cause the parasite to seek a way of surviving, so once small redworms are ingested off the pasture, they encyst; once encysted, they can stay in the gut wall for up to two years.


Worms in Dogs & Cats

All cats and dogs are at risk of being infected with internal parasites such as round worms and hook worms. Cats and dogs can pass parasites and diseases to each other through physical contact they can also pass on diseases to man which are known as zoonoses. To find out more about parasites and how to protect against them click the link below.