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What is the best wheelbarrow for equestrian yards?

What is the best wheelbarrow for equestrian yards?

I know what you’re thinking…. How many types of wheelbarrows can there be? Right? Well, everybody knows - having the right tools for the job can make everything a whole lot simpler.

Here are a few different types of wheelbarrows to consider that could make your life easier for the tough jobs around your yard.

Fort Rancher Wheel Barrow

Let’s start with a classic, single wheel barrow. This will absolutely do the job if you are mucking out 1-2 horses and is a high-quality barrow with extra reinforcement. It is incredibly long lasting with 100ltr capacity. It is available to come with a solid or pneumatic wheel. This is a very cost-effective barrow, but may not be right for you if you have more than 1 or 2 horses.


Springfield Twin-Wheel Barrow 

This is an economy barrow with a large 200ltr capacity. The barrow is well balanced for easy tipping. Despite its larger capacity, we recommended it for lighter-duty use or for use on smaller yards. So, this would perhaps not be suitable for carrying the bags of feed for the whole yard.

Heavy Duty Twin Wheeled Stable Barrow- For a cost-effective heavy-duty barrow, this steel wheelbarrow has the same large capacity as our smallest Monster Barrow; however, it is non-tipping. Some people may find this a heavy barrow so you might also want to consider one of our tipping barrows. These barrows are very durable (with options for either pneumatic or solid wheels) but you may find the tipping barrows are a more manoeuvrable option.

JFC Twin Wheelbarrow

This 250ltr fixed body wheelbarrow is fitted with a galvanised metal frame and roller bearing pneumatic wheels to deliver superior manoeuvrability and smooth handling. It is tough, durable and surprisingly lightweight in use, even with heavy loads.

JFC Tipping Wheelbarrow –This tipping barrow has the same 250ltr as the JFC Twin Wheelbarrow, as well as the same durability, excellent manoeuvrability and smooth handling. However, with this JFC barrow, you get the high-volume capacity and lightweight experience with the added benefit of a tipping ability which makes mucking out just that little bit easier.

Monster Tipping Barrow

These tipping barrows are the biggest, strongest and most well-balanced barrows we have ever seen on the market. Available in three sizes (350ltr, 450ltr, and 650ltr), these barrows boast rotationally moulded heavy-duty plastic pans, steel reinforced tipping lips, and super-strong galvanised frames. This barrow tips effortlessly to make even the biggest jobs. With the different sizes, there is one that is the perfect size no matter how many horses you have on your yard.
If you are tipping on to flat surface, then this double action tipping motion is a fantastic option for all your biggest tasks around any size of yard.

Feed Barrow-

Your feed delivery has arrived, and you need to get it all from the car park to the feed room. What are you going to use? This of course! It is a heavy-duty moulded plastic feed barrow, fitted with two jockey wheels for stability and manoeuvrability. With this, you can save yourself the back-breaking work of running feed up and down the yard, plus it means you can keep feed separate from the barrows you just used to muck out! The rounded corners of the moulding, and the fitted drain plug, also make cleaning simple. Optional extras include a divider and a lid. L:125cm W:76cm H:87cm.


ATV Trailer Barrow

Do you need to move a whole muck heap to the other side of the field? Then this is what you need. These ATV trailers are fitted with 2 pneumatic wheels, a galvanised chassis and an easy-to-use tipping mechanism. Available in three sizes (250ltr, 400ltr and 500ltr), the heavy-duty galvanised frame ensures the trailer is suited to harsh terrain.

Hay Soaker Barrow- This super quality three-wheel bale soaker barrow, with a lockable lid, allows you to easily and conveniently soak large amounts of hay. Manufactured in rotational moulded UV and frost resistant polythene to make it extremely durable. This barrow can also be used for feed storage. The bin size is L:89cm W:69cm H:52cm.

So you see, a wheelbarrow is not just a wheelbarrow. These are just a few, you can shop even more online that may be even better suited for your job with the specifications you need.


Top tips for choosing the right barrow for you

  • A 100ltr barrow is suitable for mucking out no more than 1-2 horses and a 200-250ltr barrow would be suitable for 3-4 horses.
  • If you are mucking out more than 3/4 horses, opt for a barrow that has at least a 350ltr capacity.

  • Tipping and double-wheeled barrows may be better suited for tipping onto a flat surface.

  • If you must take your barrow up a ramp, single wheelbarrows may be best.

  • If you opt for a large capacity barrow + you are the type of person to overfill your wheelbarrow + you must take your barrow up a ramp- make sure your ramp is safe so you do not slide backwards!

  • We strongly recommend investing in solid wheels as these are far more durable than pneumatic wheels that may be susceptible to punctures.

  • Investing in a barrow dedicated to moving feed could not only be hugely convenient, but it could save your lighter-duty barrow from damage from the heavy feed bags PLUS it will keep your feed bag far cleaner.

  • If your barrow is out of action, try and fix it before buying a whole new one. We have a range of wheels and extra parts that could bring your barrow back into life as well as save you money.

  • Leave a barrow a review! If you have used any of our barrows, leave a review and let others know which barrow is best- it may just save someone sometime when shopping our large range of barrows.

We hope this blog helps you make the right decision with your next Wheel Barrow choice. 


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