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What heat means for hooves

What heat means for hooves

During hot weather everything dries out – including horses’ hooves. As they consist of living tissue, hooves need extra care in the summer months. Like our own hair and nails, hooves are made of keratin, and its cellular strength, wholeness and integrity are affected by environmental factors. Without vital moisture, cracking can occur which can be painful and debilitating.  

If the hoof wall gets too dry, the pressure and weight placed on it by the horse increase the likelihood of cracks and chips occurring. Hoof imbalances can lead to larger problems further down the line, so you may need to give your horse some small but important assistance during the dry season.  

Moderate weather patterns that allow the ground to dry slowly mean that the hoof can gradually adapt to changing moisture levels. However, paddock that fluctuate between wet and dry can cause the hoof to expand and contract rapidly. This can lead to tiny cracks that allow bacteria to enter and form abscesses. Consequently, when the weather changes quickly abscess can burst out the hooves and cause cracks overnight. This can cause your horse to become lame and uncomfortable. When the hoof becomes dehydrated, it loses the elastic flexibility required to absorb shock. Stomping in the fields to get rid of flies only adds to this problem, but you can help! 

Inside-out support  

TRM HOOFMAKER provides all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof horn. This formula that contains high levels of Biotin, Methionine, MSM, Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Amino Acids ensures that important nutrients are supplied to the horse to aid optimum growth and improve the integrity of the hoof. The supplement should be added to the normal daily feed (37.5mg/day). 

Hoof First has a unique formula that also contains high strength Biotin with all the essential vitamins and minerals to produce a healthy hoof. This supplement grows hooves which are better for your farrier to work with, and fights problems such as thin soles, cracked, chipped or weak hooves, contributing to lost shoes which can be costly. This should be taken with the daily feed (25g/day). 

More ways to help  

TRM Hoof Oil is a premium grade hoof oil dressing. Regular application will protect the hoof in both dry and wet conditions which keeps the hoof supple by preventing excessive moisture loss. This product is also ideal if you are looking for extra shine to be smart and show-ring ready.  

Effol Hoof Grease has an original ointment formula that ensures healthy hoof growth.  With anti-bacterial properties, thecombination of laurel and thyme helpsto prevent hoof diseases and has a stimulating effect. This product is available in black and clear.

Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Solution has intense antibacterial and fungicidal formula with antiseptic properties. Formulated from natural products and supplied with a brush inside the container for easy, mess-free application. It is advised to wear latex gloves when applying this product. Discover more hoof care products in Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Range.   

As you can see, there are ample ways to support your horse’s hoof condition. Being prepared with these products to hand is the best way to maintain healthy hooves and happy horses.  

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