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What happened to Haygain?

What happened to Haygain?


The news that Haygain went into administration sent ripples into the world of hay steamers. What started as confusion within the marketplace soon became clear as customers, distributors, and dealers scrambled for answers. It became evident that the once-accessible channels for reaching Haygain have closed – the most renowned hay steaming brand is no longer trading within the UK.


Our Personal Journey with Haygain

Our story with Hay Steamers began back in 2012. Our family-owned business, Farm & Stable, proudly became distributors for Haygain in Germany and England. Working closely with the visionary founder, Brian Fillery, until his passing in 2016, we managed to sell close to 4000 Haygain products and connected with hundreds of customers throughout their hay steaming journeys. However, our successful partnership with Haygain abruptly ended in 2022, leading us to leverage our 10 years of experience to create our own hay steaming brand. With all the knowledge acquired though selling Haygains, our sister company set to work creating something special, and in early 2023 we launched the Nuveq Hay Steamers.


Haygain's Journey - Spotting the Changes

A quick scan of the Haygain landscape reveals a series of changes that may have been early warning signs: in early 2024 online ordering was disabled, advertisements where nowhere to be found, phones went unanswered, and emails remained unreturned. Social media interactions were becoming increasingly limited, and the official LinkedIn page suggested that many staff members were beginning to explore new opportunities.


The Equine World Takes a Hit

In the equine world, this feels like a seismic shift, leaving many in the industry grappling with unexpected changes. If you're feeling the impact or disappointment from these developments, our team is here to assist. Reach out, and let's navigate this challenging situation together.


Sourcing Spare Parts

Recognising the challenges some may face with existing Haygain products, we are committed to helping in any way we can. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the availability of our new converter, designed to seamlessly integrate a Nuveq boiler with your Haygain Hay Steamer.

This upgrade is beneficial if there's a need to replace your existing Haygain Boiler or if an upgrade is desired. An added advantage of Nuveq boilers is the automatic shutdown feature upon completion of the steaming process, ensuring efficiency and safety.


Closing Thoughts

As the hay steaming community absorbs the events at Haygain, we aim to provide a personal touch to the clarity and support needed during these uncertain times. Our commitment remains steadfast to those affected by these changes. If any of this effects you personally, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team, we are always here to help.

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