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Prepare early for a successful breading season in Spring 2022

Prepare early for a successful breading season in Spring 2022


‘’Before anything else, preparation is the key to success’’- it’s an age old saying. Why? Because more often than not it is those that lay down the best made plans that see the greatest success.


This phrase rings true in every area of life, so it is no coincidence that those who plan for early foaling dates often have a distinct competitive edge when it comes to the foal and weanling sales - But with just a few more weeks till spring, your opportunity to seize this advantage must begin now.


It should be brought to the attention of breeders, particularly those within the thoroughbred industry, that imitating early spring is what it takes to start your preparation.


This can be achieved through good nutrition and diet to imitate spring grass, along with the use of light therapy to mimic the spring sun. This helps broodmares to start naturally cycling earlier - which will ultimately give greater successes in the sales to come.


Natural forage at this time of year is nutrient poor as it has been deprived from intense sunlight for that longest period of the year. By contrast, spring grass is incredibly nutrient dense. So how do you mimic ‘spring grass’? This is potentially the hardest part of your preparation.


Thoroughbred Remedies Manufacturing (TRM) have cleverly developed a supplement that contains all of the key nutrients that are found in spring grass to support the condition and vitality of horses: BETA CAROTENE, FOLIC ACID & VITAMIN E



This product has designed exclusively for breeders to help condition their mares for the breeding season ahead.




Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that has been shown to enhance immunity and be beneficial to reproduction. Fertility, especially of females, can be improved through the consumption of adequate Beta-carotene. Reduced Beta-Carotene intake occurs mainly when horses do not have access to feedstuffs such as lush, green grass.

BETA CAROTENE, FOLIC ACID & VITAMIN E contains micronized Beta Carotene to enhance the intact absorption of this macromolecule.


What is more, with daily consumption it will aid in the improvement of your horse’s skin and coat condition, giving a healthy bloom and look of vitality. 




As an important antioxidant, Vitamin E also has important roles to play in fertility. Vitamin E as a nutrient is hugely beneficial to young rapidly growing foals, pregnant mares, stallions, and all high-performance horses.


Vitamin E must be supplied in the diet as horses cannot produce it themselves. Grass, which maybe scarce at this time of year (winter and early spring), contains a lot of this easily absorbable vitamin. Horses that are used for breeding have a higher need for vitamin E and can become deficient if they are not on fresh grass and do not receive a supplement.




Yes! Folic Acid is a water-soluble vitamin that is also commonly known as folate or Vitamin B9. This nutrient is involved in DNA synthesis, methionine production and cellular growth and development.


It is particularly important for supporting cell turnover during periods of rapid growth such as foetal development.



To prepare for successful 2022 breeding season the time to act is NOW. Supplement stallions and both baron and in foal mares with BETA CAROTENE, FOLIC ACID & VITAMIN E - It contains all the necessary nutrients that naturally occur in spring forage and it supports the preparation for oestrus and reproduction.

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