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Haygain users, we have news for you.....

Haygain users, we have news for you.....

As you may have heard, Haygain have ceased operations in the UK, but fear not, we're here to help. As a former distributor for Haygain, and now proudly serving as a distributor of Nuveq, we possess the know-how and proficiency to fulfil your hay steamer needs. You can confidently rely on us for quality service and products, ensuring your hay steaming process remains uninterrupted and efficient.

We are also pleased to announce the availability of our new converter, designed to seamlessly integrate a Nuveq boiler with your Haygain Hay Steamer. This upgrade is beneficial if there's a need to replace your existing Haygain Boiler or if an upgrade is desired. An added advantage of Nuveq boilers is the automatic shutdown feature upon completion of the steaming process, ensuring efficiency and safety.

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