A Sound Future

18th October 2019

Soundness in competition horses is a very well documented topic – but treating problems that could have been avoided early on are not only frustrating but costly.

Nutrition for broodmares and yearlings for the breeder can be a mine field but Farm & Stable can take the guess work out of finding a product that could help you breed a sounder, stronger future star!

Thoroughbred Mare & Foal, Equine Bone Development, Skeletal conformation in young horses

TRM is Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Nutritional Feeds Supplements and General Healthcare products for Horses. With over 30 years experience of manufacturing equine nutritional supplements, TRM are well placed to help and support you in your horses nutritional journey, from conception to those very first winning steps.

Calphormin from TRM is a market leading supplement, supplying all the essential nutrients for optimum skeletal development, and production of sound and robust athletic horse.

Calphormin, Balanced Calcium & Phosphorus Supplementation, Pellets,

Calphormin contains a balanced combination
of macro-minerals, trace minerals, amino acids
with the added benefit of Sodium Zeolite,
a bioavailable silicon-containing compound –
all of this is formulated into a carefully balanced
and palatable formulation which is easy to feed.

foal in the womb, supplementing the mare before birth, foal development, foal skeletal conformation, Developmental Orthopaedic Disease, Osteochondrosis dessicans, physitis

The foundations for a horses future success can be laid down
before it is even born. Ensuring the broodmare has the correct
balance of macro-minerals, trace minerals, and amino acids to
pass on to her newborn, Calphormin, will give the young horse
the best start it can get. Continuing to feed the young, rapidly
grown horse Calphormin will optimise its growth and bone
development, in a correct and balanced way.

Nutritional imbalances have been recognised as one potential factor in the development of DOD in young, growing horses. Calphormin helps to balance the diet with nutrients known to be critical to proper skeletal development.
In developing horses, the major nutrients of concern are protein,energy, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and lysine.

Calphormin has undergone significant trialling in broodmares to validate the efficiency of the formula. 38 foals from 5 different stud farms were x-rayed to establish the incidence of growth-related problems in their hocks and patella (right and left) and fetlocks (right and left, front and back). The subsequent pregnancy of the mares of the same foals was monitored, but on this occasion Calphormin was fed in addition to their normal diet (which remained unchanged). Consideration had also been given to the choice of stallions to ensure no genetic effect could compromise the results of the study.

At a similar time of year the siblings of the second group of foals, born to the same dam, were also
X-rayed according to the same protocol. The results showed a statistically significantand marked reduction in the prevalence of joint lesions (p<0.05).

breeding foals, growing foals, skeletal conformation in foals

Calphormin should be added to the normal feed ration.

  • Mare in foal (months 9, 10, 11) : 120 g per day.
  • Lactating mare : 120g per day.
  • Weanling (6-12 months) : 60g per day
  • Yearling : 60g per day.
  • Two year old : 60g per day

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