Agrifence Rechargeable 12v Wet Battery

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Rechargeable 12v Wet Battery
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This Wet Cell Battery is a robust way of providing battery power for energisers, and it is rechargeable.
The Wet cell battery is an acid battery using 12v power and providing 75AH. This battery should not be confused with a car battery. A car battery is made to be constantly recharged by an alternator and therefore will quickly break down if used for powering an electric fence energiser.

Wet cell batteries can be recharged with a quality suitable recharger, on trickle charge first.

Batteries should only be recharged by competent persons in a suitable environment.

When used with 6 and 25w solar panels on the Secur 200 and Secur 500 unit, this battery can last without recharging for several weeks in good conditions.