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TRM GNF (Gut Nutrition Formula) Pellets 3kg

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A convenient pelleted form of GNF for adding to normal feed ration to maintain digestive function. Gut Nutrition Formula is suitable for feeing to horses with depressed appetites, weight-loss or exhibiting stable vices such as cribbing or wind sucking. Horses: Feed 50g twice daily. Ponies and foals: feed 25g twice daily.

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How to use GNF

  • All horses: Feed 50g twice daily
  • Ponies and Foals: Feed 25g twice daily

  • Complies with FEI & Jockey Club rules

    Ingredient Analysis:

    GNF contains both calcium and magnesium which are recognised as alkaline providers, and have been shown to increase intestinal mucosal integrity (Wang, 2000).

    Seaweed Extract (from Laminaria Hyperborea)
    • Creates a floating raft of gel which helps to protect the non glandular part of the stomach from acid.
    Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS)
    • Classified as prebiotics (Mikkelsen and Jensen, 2004); substances that are recognised to stimulate growth of desirable bacteria (Kapiki et al., 2007), which can result in a positive symbiotic relationship between bacteria and host (Gibson and Roberfroid, 1995).
    • Form a food substrate for the beneficial bacteria in the hind gut.
    • Fructooligosaccharides can remain available as substrates for microbial populations to utilise, and thus promote increased intestinal efficiency
    • An important amino acid for repair of epithelial cells.
    • Glutamine supplementation has proven to increase intestinal performance (Yan and Qiu-Zhou, 2006), and has been found to decrease over-expression of pro-inflammatory genes, thus leading to a reduction in intestinal damage of rats receiving acetic acid supplementation (Fillmann et al., 2007).
    • Is an essential amino acid and studies have shown that restriction of this nutrient may limit intestinal mucin synthesis and reduce gut barrier function (Hamard et al., 2007;Faure et al., 2005)
    Laminaria hyperborea
    • Is a brown kelp or seaweed that has been found to be extremely palatable and provide increased digestible energy sources for sheep kept on the Orkney island of North Ronaldsay (Hansen et al., 2003).
    • L. hyperborea contains higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins, when compared to conventional vegetable sources (ibid.)

    GNF contains

    Calcium Carbonate 20%, Soya beans, extruded, Fructo Oligosaccharides 10%, Magnesium Hydroxide 10%, Seaweed Meal (from Laminaria Hyperborea) 10%, Lignocellulose, L-Glutamine 3.8%.
    Additives: Per 100 g
    Kaolin 15,000 mg
    Threonine 4,720 mg
    Analytical Constituents:
     Calcium 8%, Magnesium 4.17%.
Customer Reviews
  1. Top Condition
    It is important to me that my horses don’t suffer from gastric disturbances. I have found that by using GNF my horses are in top condition and perform well all year round.

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