Equistro Legaphyton 900g

Code: 1162
Equistro Legophytton is an equine liver support that helps fight a range of problems in horses.
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EQUISTRO LEGAPHYTON for equine liver support helps fight Infection such as: Bacterial and viral infections, Metabolic dysfunction, Obesity, Hyperlipidaemia, Aging horses, Intoxication and excretion, Noxious plants, Short and longterm medication, Colic and post foaling related endoxin exposure, Post operative, Performance ,Recovery after intensive exercise, Young foals Isoerythrolysis in foals Suboptimal liver function due to age Gastrointestinal obstruction Neoplasia Biliary stone The gold standard for equine liver support EQUISTRO LEGAPHYTON Free radical scavenger with regenerative properties Daily high dose Siliphos