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Price From: £20.90
To help maintain and balance hormonal horse function. Hormonise is also recommended for
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Based on liquid Chaste Berry, which can naturally help where hormone problems cause PMT in mares and produce irritable and unpredictable behaviour. Chaste Berry has been used for centuries to great effect Chaste Berry [vitex agnus-castus] has been written about since 400 B.C. and was widely used in Greek and Roman cultures. Ideal for on mares that are prone to 'phantom' seasons and pregnancies and for use prior to stud or when mares are showing irritability at the time of their seasons or immediately before their seasons. It can also be used on lactating mares where it may help to increase milk production and generally help lactation. Hormonise can also be helpful on rigs where hormone problems can produce unwanted sexual behaviour and aggression and can be used as a natural calmer. Further Information: The Effects of Chaste Berry on Horses & Ponies It has been known for some time that mares suffer from PMS prior to and during their 'seasons'. This can cause irritability, aggression and general unpleasantness in the mare and makes riding during this time almost impossible. What was once a nice, sweet friend can turn into an unpredictable and potentially dangerous animal ! Normal treatments have been the synthetic hormone balancers, which generally have limitations on their use and quite often have to be stopped after a period of time. Many contain banned and prohibited substances, which prevent horses and ponies from competition of any kind. Angus-castus given just before their 'seasons' commence, and continued through each season can have a dramatic effect on the mare. While there is no guarantee that it will work in all cases, there is evidence to suggest that where unsociable and aggressive behaviour is brought about through PMS and Hormone imbalance, Chaste Berry can help.