Tapelock Insulator (Tape)

Code: 5955
Tapelock insulators ideal for corners and ends. Carbon fibre conductive rubber pad will re-electrify and broken / interrupted conductors. Can also be used to tension without wear & tear to the tape.
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This is a big, chunky insulator which screws onto a fenceposts and can do a number of things for a tape electric fence. It comes in two main parts which clamp together with a shaped steel plate between them. The plate can be the end point for a gateway on one side and the clip for a gate handle on the other. It can be the start point for the electric fence with steel lead out cable able to be attached to a hole in the plate but most commonly these are used to split fiields. If one of these insulators is screwed to a perimeter post on a tape electric fence, a dividing line can be securely clamped in place and become electrified from the perimeter tape. Pefect for strip grazing, these can be moved along a field's side every time the tape needs moved.