Creams, Ointments & Gels

Farm & Stable’s wound creams, ointments and gels can be used on minor cuts and abrasions; these products vary in application, for example Dermoline Soothing Wound Cream is widely used generally whereas Udder Ointment is more specific. Some oils are used as a method of alleviating dry or itchy skin, which can occur in all animals. Dry skin can afflict cats, dogs horses and even cows; it can lower the animal’s health and wellbeing and diminish its quality of life. Some of the products in this range can even be used on the fur of small animals, helping comtrol matted fur and creating a healthy shine to the coat. Farm & Stable also stock a number of popular oils and creams which are intended for human use, such as Johnson’s Baby Oil.

Wet and muddy conditions can cause challenges for many animals, this is because dirt and mud harbors a lot of dangerous bacteria and spores whilst also having an abrasive quality against the skin. Wet conditions allow damp, bacteria-laden mud and dirt to stick to the horse’s skin, where the mud is compacted and warmed by the animal’s body temperature, creating a warm moist environment. This is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungal spores which can take root in a matter of hours. Farm & Stable stock a range of wound care ointments for use as a preventative measure against a range of ailments. Udder Ointment, for instance, creates a barrier to protect animal’s skin in wet and muddy conditions. This has two benefits; firstly, it will stop mud compacting on the surface of the skin and fur, limiting the chance of infection and also stopping the mud from creating wounds and sores on the epidermis, which in turn will hinder bacteria being able to infect the animal’s system.

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