NAF Biotin Supplement 3Kg

Code: 2106
NAF Biotin contains Methionine, MSM, Zinc and Calcium to maintain healthy hooves in equine animals.
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NAF Biotin is an additive to help strengthen the feet of your horse. Biotin deficiencies have been indicated as one of the causes of weak hooves. The supplementation of 15 mg of Biotin daily has been found to be beneficial to horn growth and strength. It is thought that biotin is of particular importance to the hoof surface membrane, the periople, which controls the passage of water in and out of the hoof, and which is easily damaged when the horse is in work. NAF Biotin also contains additional nutrients found to be of importance in hoof growth. Supplementation of a bio-available source of sulphur will encourage healthy horn growth, and be of particular use to those horses that suffer from brittle hooves. The amino acid DL Methionine, works with organic sulphur to establish good horn growth by providing the nutritional elements required to support cracks and nail holes. Zinc is added as a vital nutrient for hoof strength. Calcium is also added as reports show that biotin can only form bonds in the presence of calcium.