Woodscrew Ring Insulator ( Rope & wire)

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Price From: £10.96

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Price From: £10.96
The most popular ring insulator for use with all wires and ropes. The Speediso drill attachment make fixing a lot quicker and easyier.
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These superior ring insulators for electric fences are considerably stronger than the standard ring insulator as they benefit from having a solid steel internal support throughout. This strengthens the electric fence and helps protect it from animal collision damage. Just like the standard ring insulator, they screw into the fence posts and have the poly rope threaded through for a well insulated electric fence. They too have a wide bearing surface ensuring minimum wear and long life of the poly rope and the wide anti-tracking rings ensure rapid drying to help prevent any earth leakage. It's always advisable to screw a hole into the fence posts first and then screw the electric fencing ring insulator in even though these insulators are very strong. A screw in aid for your drill Speediso (6179) makes life a lot easier on your wrists too!