TRM Vitamin E 2000

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Price From: £32.59

Cellular Antioxidant

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TRM Vitamin E 2000

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin, that acts as a scavenger of free radicals through the action of single, highly reactive electrons in their outer shell. A performance horse must consume enough vitamin E to support optimal muscular and neurological activity. It is also very beneficial to young rapidly growing foals, pregnant mares and stallions.

Supplementation with Vitamin E 2000 is particularly important for horses with limited or no access to lush pastures.

How to use TRM Vitamin E 2000

  • Horses in Training: Feed 50g per day
  • Breeding Stock: Feed 50g per day
  • Weanlings & Yearlings: Feed 25g per day

  • Complies with FEI and Jockey Club rules

    Nutritional Composition

    per 50g per 1kg
    Vitamin E 2,000iu 40,000iu
    Palatable Exipient to 50g 1kg
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