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Here at Farm & Stable we stock disposable syringes in a variety of different styles, each syringe developed for a specific task. Our Terumo brand disposable dosing syringes are a favourite of equine trainers and veterinarians; these syringes are for example essential for administering the correct quantity of medicine to the animal.

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Syringes (continued)

Terumo disposable dosing syringes allow for an accurate quantity of liquid to be measured, far more accurate and hygienic -and thus safer than- simply measuring with a spoon. Because the medicine is held in the confines of the syringe, only able to be dispensed when you push down on the plunger; it is less likely to waste medicine, also providing the added benefit of making it easier to administer to the animal being treated.

We also provide a range of syringes developed to perform intravenous procedures, useful to all people who care for animals, especially high-performance horses. These syringes are key ingredient in feed and dosing management; furthermore we offer disposable horse syringes to limit the chance of cross contamination between animals, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease.

Terumo branded syringes have been developed with transparent barrels and measurement markings, making it easier to measure the syringe’s content. The plunger design creates a safer application and the integrated plunger stop minimizes the chance of accidental discharge of the syringe. Terumo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical equipment, and their syringes and needles are a testament to their knowledge and experience.