Here at Farm & Stable we offer a range of tapes designed for medical applications. Many of our tapes can be used as part of a wound dressing. Our tapes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the “Vetrol VDT” comes in a silver outer layer and can be purchased in 5cm or 10cm wide roll (50m in length) while the “Insulation Tape” is available in multiple colours. All of the medical tapes have their own benefits. Using a coloured tape could help indicate which animal has a wound making them easy to spot in a herd. Coloured tapes are also easier to find if they do come loose in the field or paddock.

Insulation tape for wound dressing offer protection to the wound and help reduce the risk of infection. Many of our insulation tapes are plastic as they are a lot stronger then paper or fabric tapes. Plastic tapes are also water resistant great for retaining poultices; this is ideal for animals that may be left unsupervised outside.

It is essential to have a wound dressing insulation tape on hand as it can be used as a “stick to medical device” application, this means bandages can be applied quickly and (most importantly) securely to the animal. Wound dressing tapes are perfect for covering small wounds and abrasions in areas where the bandage may slip or fall off. They are also light weight and flexible so they will not impede the animals’ movement.

Our VDT tape is perfect as a waterproof dressing, it has a layered structure making it extremely tough and durable. It is complete with a strong adhesive making it perfect as an overdressing designed to protect horses with hoof injuries, even in wet conditions.

We found 5 product(s)

We found 5 product(s)