Poultices are an essential part of any medical professional’s arsenal, used for a varied range of ailments, the poultice is a truly versatile piece of medical equipment. Poultices are generally used as a way of reliving soreness and inflammation from a particular area. Poultices can also be used on cuts and abrasions. Poultices can be used at room temperature but they can also be heated and placed on the body. This is useful when a particular area requires extra blood flow. Poultices can even be used to draw out fluid or pus from an abscess.

It is common for poultices to be used on equine animals especially the legs of a professional horse. The tendons in a horses’ legs are easily damaged which can cause training times to diminish or even result in the horse not being able to compete. Many people use poultices as precautionary measure, applying poultices to a horses’ legs, after any strenuous activity or hard training. The poultice is generally held in place by a stable bandage, this should relive inflammation and lower the risk of injury.

Poultices are essential for drawing out infection and dirt from open wounds. Horses may suffer from: Infected wounds, Mud Fever and abscesses all of which can be treated by the application of a poultice. Poultices can be heated in water and applied at a raised temperature to the surface of the skin. This is commonly used on open wounds and abscesses’ as it will increase circulation to the area and draw out pus. Many poultices use boric acid and tragacanth as an antiseptic.

The range of poultices we offer at Farm & Stable vary from the specialised “Animalintx Hoof Treatment” specially designed poultice for horses to the versatile “Vetrol FormTex” created to treat an array of issues such as: Inflammation, abscess’, cuts and abrasions it even helps stop contamination thanks to its plastic backing.

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We found 7 product(s)