Wound Dressings

Medical dressings, designed to be used in direct contact with an open wound are some of the most important products listed under the heading “wound care supplies”. These dressings are created to promote wound healing and offer protection to damaged areas of the skin. Thus, they differ from bandages, which are sometimes used in compression and/or for protection, or often simply used to hold a dressing in place.

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We found 20 product(s)

We found 20 product(s)

There are many situations where a dressing is required, most notably they are used to stem the bleeding from an open wound, making them an invaluable component of the medicine cabinet, ready in case of an emergency. Dressings are also useful for covering the wound, not only protecting it from external contaminants but also lowering the risk of infection. The application of a wound dressing is a skill that is useful for any one who owns a horse. Minor cuts have the potential to become debilitating wounds if proper wound management is not practiced, and the application of a dressing is an important part of this process (depending on the severity of the wound)

Here at Farm & Stable you will find a number of dressings plus all the material required to apply the dressings securely to your horse’s skin. Our products have been carefully selected to work well with all animals wound treatment, for example “Animalintex Hoof Treatment” is specifically designed pre-cut in the shape of a horse’s hoof. On our website you’ll find a range of product categories providing everything you need to create and retain the correct wound dressing, for any situation on any part of the horse’s body. Please check our Categories section on the left and side of the page, here you will find for example: Cotton Wool, Gamgee, Tapes, Poultices and Dressings.