Our Range of Personal Protective Equipment Masks are designed to be a cheap and easy solution to some of the agricultural risks faced by horse owners and farmers. Here at Farm & Stable we offer PPE masks that can be used to protect people against a range of airborne contaminants. These masks can help people who are allergic to animal dander; those who are hypoallergenic to animals often show symptoms in situations where animal skin cells and hair have become airborne, when inhaled by the person an allergic reaction is caused. Skin and hair can accumulate in large quantities, especially if the animal is confined to an enclosed area (like a stable or barn) and this sometimes creates an environment that can be irritating to a person’s respiratory system. Prolonged exposure to this environment can lower lung function and may lead to chronic bronchitis and heart or/and lung disorders.

The storing of plant-based material in a barn is a seemingly innocuous task, however moisture build up, combined with the crop’s residual heat, creates the perfect environment for mould and bacteria. Aside from animals ingesting mould, -which in itself causes many problems-, another issue is the inhalation of spores, which can have long term negative effects on a person’s health. Mould and bacteria release spores that can cause allergic reactions or even death. "Micropolyspora faeni" and "Thermoactinomyces vulgaris" are two types of bacteria, while “Aspergillus" is a mould; all three of these organisms release dangerous spores. These bacteria and fungi release damaging spores that can cause Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis - otherwise known as “Farmer’s Lung.” This deadly disease is caused by the inhalation of fungi and bacterial spores growing on crops harvested in rainy or wet weather. If wet or damp crops are left to self-dry, mould and bacteria may spread. Eventually the crop dries and becomes brittle; when infected hay breaks, it creates a fine dust, this dust can harbour microscopic spores that can be inhaled deep into the lungs, causing irritation to the alveoli leading to Farmer’s Lung.”

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