Farm & Stable is the number one supplier of bandaging materials to the animal health industry. We carry a full range of bandages in a range of colours and materials, suitable for everything from everyday horse leg protection and tail wrapping to bandages for surgery and recovery use. In the regular 10cm cohesive bandages size, our range starts with the popular Vetrol VX100 and PW100, we however supply a full selection of products, including animal bandages from 3M (Vetrap), Andover, PowerFlex, PetFlex, CattleWrap and CoFlex ranges.

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We found 21 product(s)

We found 21 product(s)

Polo and stable bandages are also available in a selection of colours and materials, including woven bandages, bandages containing adhesives and thus ideal for the application of bandage casts and the securing of poultices. Whatever the bandage you need, Farm & Stable has it all wrapped up.

We sell a range of horse bandages used as joint and tendon support, perfect for race horses, cross country and performance horses. Our range of support bandages include Velcro fastened bandages along with more general-use bandages such as the popular branded products Knitfirm and K-Band. A horse’s lower legs are at serious risk of injury when the horse gallops, jumps or walks for long distances; support bandages are used as an active support to stabilize the ligaments and tendons, reducing the risk of injury due to overextension, twisting and repetitive strains. We stock Cohesive bandages and adhesive bandages, which can be used as wraps, or as external covers for dressings on wounds or sprains. Cohesive bandages only stick to themselves, ideal for wrapping, whilst adhesive bandages will stick to the animal’s skin.