Tempralax 500ml

Code: 1835

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Horses become stressed when traveling or competing Tempralax is a calming agent used on comeption horses and performance horses
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Product Information

Constant travelling, changes of stabling and the environment of competitions, ensure that performance horses are subjected to repetitive competition stress. All horses, especially those destined for competitions, are exposed to stressful situations when in training or competing. Within limits, these situations ensure an adaptive response,which means that the next time the same situation arises, the horse will not find the situation so stressful. However, some horses, especially those which have temperamental characters, experience great difficulty adapting to various stages of training, new surroundings, transport, or being in groups of horses, without becoming excitable and difficult to control. It is essential that the horse's approach to work is calm and concentrated in order that training work and competition results progress satisfactorily. Those which react adversely cannot, because of lack of concentration and stress-induced fatigue, give the results required of them. NAF has responded to this problem by developing a new generation magnesium-based compound in liquid form, easy to use and very effective.
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Code 1835