Stable Fittings

Stables are arguably the most important area of any equestrian facility. This is the place where the horses rest and unwind, therefore it is important to make this area safe and comfortable. Equine animals spend a lot of time unsupervised in the stable, so safety is very important. To keep your horses comfortable in the winter months, we stock infrared bulbs. Developed to output both heat and light, they are perfect for keeping your horses warm whilst also being positioned well out of the horses’ reach.

Our stable fittings are a selection of stable equipment designed to create a safe and comfortable environment for your animals. Here you can find locks and hinges for your stable doors, essential for security. We stock a range of stable fittings and fixtures, perfect for kitting out your stable, with an array of products ranging from heat lamps to door grids. Our stable mats ensure your horse will be protected from the cold hard stable floor. It is important use stall mats for horses to sleep on, as they tend to reduce injuries and joint stiffnesses caused by extended contact with hard surfaces. Our mats are also perfect for creating walkways through your stables, and are ideal for concrete surfaces that could become slippery when wet. Stable door blocks come in a variety of styles and strengths, the simplest being the stall chain, whilst the most secure being the anti-weaver door grid. These are excellent space-saving devices designed to allow the stable door to remain open, whilst preventing the horse from leaving the stable.

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