Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is used by farmers all over the world: it is an effective method of keeping animals in or out of certain areas. In our Electric Fencing category, we provide top-of-the-range equipment to build an electric fence system from start to finish. Our electric fence range is ideal for cattle horses, it delivers a mild corrective shock, making it suitable for use on foals. Electric fencing is a versatile method of containment as it can be constructed using plastic fence posts which are ideal for temporary enclosures. Traditional wooden posts can be used to construct an electric fence system to add an extra level of security, for a more permanent solution.

Our selected range of electric fence products can be used on many animals but is perfect for horses. Electric fencing for horses can be for example used to provide strip grazing or containment, to block off access to a particular section of the paddock, or to isolate a particular horse. Electric fencing has the added bonus of being easily extended or added to, hence its popularity.

Our range of Electric fence products is broken down into categories, these include: Energizers, Batteries, Gate Sets & Posts, Accessories, Tapes, Ropes & Wires, and Insulators. These categories together provide you with everything you need to create your very own safe and effective electric fence system. Furthermore, our sales staff have many years of experience – they will be delighted to give you specific advice.

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