Agrifence Secur 2600 Mains Energiser ( Heavy duty for long fences & extreme conditions)

Code: 5900
The post powerful energiser for fencing suitable for very long fences and more extreme conditions
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The Secur 2600 mains energiser is suitable for very long fences and more extreme conditions. It features a digital display that will show the level of vegetation on the fence line and also the exact voltage output. Like the other mains units it has an additional live terminal that can be used in two ways; a) as an additional low power fence or lower fence strand for younger/smaller animals, or b) the live fence wire can be returned to the 3rd terminal – if the fence conductor becomes broken the energiser will send power from each terminal to keep the fence alive either side of the break point. Digital Display Vegetation Indicator Voltage Bar-graph Display Secondary Reduced Power Output/ Fence Return. 3 Year Warranty Included in the box: All necessary connection leads.