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Who are TRM and what are TRM supplements?

Who are TRM and what are TRM supplements?

When you shop at Farm & Stable you will see many different supplement brands, but the brand that may stand out to you the most could be TRM. This is because we are the UK distributor of TRM products.


So, who is TRM and what is special about their supplements?

Thoroughbred Remedies Manufacturing (TRM) is Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of Supplements and General Healthcare products for horses.

The company was established in 1989 in Newbridge, known as the ‘Horse capital’ of Ireland, and now TRM has evolved into a huge modern production facility.

At the heart of TRMs is their mission to ‘’maximise horses’ athletic potential by targeting their specific nutritional and care needs’’. This fits in perfectly with our goal to deliver impeccable service to enhance equine wellbeing.

Within the relationship between TRM and Farm & Stable, there is a mutual understanding of the vitality of health and nutrition for equine athletes. TRM largely create their products with top-performance horses in mind. They recognise that in the small space at the top of the equine industry, fine adjustments to nutrition can be the difference that can secure winning places. Today, TRM products are being used by equestrians with winning titles across 70 worldwide countries.


Why are TRM supplements different?

It is no coincidence that TRM has an outstanding reputation for quality - TRM produces their products under an EU manufacturing licence, using quality assured ingredients. This ensures continuity of their products and maintains their reputable standards. Products are also created via vigorous testing of raw materials and examinations of the finished product are conducted by independent laboratories to create a ‘Double-Lock’ safety control.

TRM incorporates a full-time Quality Assurance Department which implements a rigorous protocol and HACCP systems throughout the production process- not a single corner is cut in the method of making these top-quality supplements. What is more, TRM's products are made in close consultation with leading veterinary pharmacists, and they have their own nutritionist to make sure they stay at the forefront of advancing equine nutrition.

It may come as no surprise, therefore, that TRM has been accredited with the highest international standard for the manufacture of feed – namely GMP (Good Manufacturing Process).


TRM Product Pricing

You may notice that TRM supplements are slightly more expensive than some of our other supplement brands. But once you understand what is behind the TRM brand, it is very easy to understand why.

Not only does TRM have a quality guarantee, but their products also come with research and evidence-based results. Many of their products come with whitepapers that have documented evidence and explanations to support the efficacy of the products. This may well be the biggest difference between TRM supplements and ‘off-the-shelf’ tack shop products. In essence, the extra cost is due to the huge amount of scientific research and evidence-based testing that has gone into producing the most effective products, the high quality and traceability of each ingredient.

TRM products may be a little more expensive than what you are used to seeing in a tack shop – however, the performance gain you will see from using these powerful nutritional supplements, will by far outweigh their price.


Market Leading products

TRM offer a complete suite of leading equine products – every equine discipline has its favourites in the range, however, at Farm & Stable we believe that no performance horse should be without the following top products for everyday use:

  1. Kurasyn 360X – Curcumin & Hyaluronic Acid to power performance & support joints during intense training & competition.
  2. Hoofmaker – essential hoof nutrition – keeping the foundation of the horse strong & supple – no hoof, no horse!
  3. GNF – Gut health is under-recognised as being the trigger of so many other equine conditions, a healthy equine gut will improve the overall well-being & performance of any horse.


Comparing TRM Products

We have loads of information on our website comparing products as well as diving deep into the ingredients to help you decide which is the best supplement is best for you and your horse. We are here to help too – if you need any advice on which supplement will best suit your horse, please do not hesitate to make use of our online chat at the bottom right of every page and also our knowledgeable team by calling 01730 815 800.


Make sure you head over to our knowledgebase to find out more.

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