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Reduce hay waste and save money!

Reduce hay waste and save money!

If horses were only to eat hay, they would need to consume 4.5 tons of it in one year, that’s equivalent to 180 rectangular hay bales a year.

BUT… did you know that a tremendous amount of hay is lost during storage and feeding. Research indicates that the amount of hay lost can be as much as, or even exceed 40%!

That means if horses were only to eat hay, you would need to purchase 6.3 tons of hay each year, and every year you would lose the equivalent of 72 rectangular bales.

These figures are eye-watering considering the current cost of hay. Over the last decade, hay prices have steadily been on the rise. However, the last few years have consecutively seen poor yields, meaning both shortages and hikes in price.

Now, horses don’t only eat hay, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing 6.3 tones of hay this year. They consume other forms of forage and are often fed grains and cereals too. But the grass is often sparse or hard to grow and hard feed can be expensive- Which is why hay often forms the bulk of a horse’s diet.

When horses are in a stable, 7% of the hay you give them is lost. This is because they stand on it, and if you have a gelding, you know that they particularly like to wee on it. However, waste can be reduced to as little as 1% when it is put into a hay feeder.

Unfortunately, more hay is lost when it is fed in the field compared to in the stable. This is because there is a greater chance of the hay getting wet, trodden down and flung about as often multiple horses jostle to get at it. Nevertheless, a hay feeder can still reduce waste to only 5% of what would be wasted without a feeder.


The problem with hay waste

As just mentioned, there are many factors that can lead to uneaten and inedible hay, but the problem is not just that it is a waste of money, but disposing of the actual waste can become a real issue too.

For instance, uneaten sodden hay in the stable is difficult to separate from shavings and makes mucking out a great deal harder. Trodden down hay in the field can be a total nightmare. A few tufts of caste away hay can quickly feel like it weighs a ton if left to mix with mud and absorb a lot of water. If it is not picked up, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and also inhibit grass growth as it stops the sun from getting to the soil.

Finally, all this uneaten hay will seriously contribute to the weight and volume of your muck heap- and if compost is being created faster than it is being collected you have another issue on your hands!



The initial cost of a hay feeder may put some people off, but did you know in 1 year with no feeder you will lose about £350 of hay*. This means in 1.5yrs you will lose an almost exactly equivalent amount of money through hay, as the cost of a durable (at the special price).

Considering the durable has vertically a lifetime guarantee, over the years this will add up to a significant amount of savings.

Farm and stable are thrilled to introduce the new product, durable, into its range. It has been specially designed with both horse welfare and convenience in mind. The design process has also been heavily influenced by our customer feedback.

Some features include:

-No sharp edges and will not rust- no risk of cuts or getting headcollars caught 

-Incredibly strong and safe

-Easy to roll in the field

-UV protected and frost resistant

-Three easy to join sections

-Can take a large bale PLUS, has an alternative use whereby two sections can be fitted together to feed a small bale

So, if you do not yet have a hay feeder, or your metal one looks like it needs replacing, go over to our website today- we want to help you to reduce hay waste and save money.

*This has been worked out based on the assumption that you would feed 2 bales of hay per month at £40 each, with a 40% wate prediction.


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