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Plastic fencing that is safe, strong and versatile | Discover the Duracorral turnout pen

Plastic fencing that is safe, strong and versatile | Discover the Duracorral turnout pen

If you are looking for a safe, strong and versatile turnout pen, then the Farm & Stable duracorral might just be exactly what you need. Many people refer to our duracorral system as ‘plastic fencing’, a ‘round horse pen’ or ‘horse ring’, even as ‘plastic hurdles’- whatever you call it, it is what we believe to be, the safest type of fencing for horses and farm animals that is available on the market today. Read on to discover why….

Our duracorral plastic panels are rotationally moulded to ensure even integrity across the whole panel. The plastic used is UV stabilised and frost resistant so it will not go brittle, melt, rot or rust, with its durability giving it its name.

The plastic is thick and hard enough to secure horses and large farm animals, while the panels are still light enough to be moved and set up by one person with ease. With no sharp metal edges or corners, the smooth plastic corral is both incredibly safe and long-lasting.

Each panel is 3.2m long and 1.6m high and can be made into completely customisable pens, lunge rings or used as an outside alternative for box rest. The panels are tall enough to securely keep horses inside and thick enough to prevent cribbing. These panels are also hugely advantageous for those based on shallow soil as it removes the need to install fence posts.

While these panels are incredibly valuable to the animal owners they belong to, with no steal reinforcements they have little scrap value so pose a lower risk of being stolen. Unfortunately, these panels are not made from recycled plastic yet, like our plastic durabale hay feeders- but we are working on it! The good news is, as these panels have a virtually lifetime guarantee, this plastic will be in good use for a very very long time.

These panels are typically sold as either a set of 8 or 15 but may be purchased individually. They can be set up with a steel gate, or if you have foals, they can be set up with creep arches to provide a safe space for foals to eat without the mare poaching their feed. The duracorral is ideal for restricting grazing or moving around the paddock to rest the grass. It is also frequently used as a lunge ring and as a safe turnout area for horses following an operation or injury.

As you can see, the possibilities for utility are virtually limitless. So don’t sit on the fence, order your duracorral today.

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