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Hello little one!

Hello little one!

After months of waiting and worrying your foal has arrived and the whirlwind of activity starts. If all goes smoothly and the mare and foal have no health complications, the new duo is best left to their own devices, whilst keeping an eye for any changes.

In cases of the mare struggling or sadly the foal becoming an orphan there are several ways you can step in and assist.

Colostra24 is a freeze-dried colostrum, a replacement for colostrum milk for orphan foals or foals of mares with little or poor-quality colostrum. Feeding Colostra24 to foals in the first few hours after birth increases the content of immunoglobulins in the blood which is very important to the development of the immune system protecting the foal against infection and disease.

Equilac Foal Milk is a powdered milk replacer for orphan foals or foals whose dams produce insufficient milk. It is high in quality milk protein and fully balanced with vitamins and minerals, it is designed to be mixed with water and great to have just in case. We always recommend having a tub or sack of Foal milk powder on hand if you are expecting a foal. You may need it very quickly, and any left-over can be sprinkled on creep feed at a later stage, so won’t go to waste.

Once your foal is showing interest in solid feeds (from around 3 weeks of age) you can introduce XL-ENT foal pellets. These are a low starch pelleted feed containing high quality protein - essential for the proper growth and development of young horses. The perfect solution for foals who are not receiving enough milk, Orphaned Foals, before and after weaning for optimum development or foals requiring extra supplementation.

TRM have developed a brand-new product called TUFFOAL. It is a complementary feed for the maintenance of normal gut motility in foals, weanlings and adult horses. It contains Kaolinitic Clays and Pectin for the maintenance of gut motility, Fructo oligosaccharides to stimulate beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal system, and electrolytes and can be added to feed or syringed for direct administration.

Alternatively, choose Natural Tuff Rock, a digestive aid paste for foals and adults horses supports normal bowel functions during periods of gastric challenges. Should you need to combat diarrhoea in foals, then TRM’s Diazorb paste is a syringe form for rapid intervention and include pre and probiotics.

These highly palatable, fast acting, easy to administer products ensure that you can support your new-born in the best way possible.