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Get ready for the competition calendar: Our 6 top products to power your performance

Get ready for the competition calendar: Our 6 top products to power your performance

The arrival of Spring is an exciting time for the equestrian community, not only do the early risers have the benefit of seeing their horses when they muck out at the crack of dawn, but the competition calendar is about to begin! This often brings about excitement and a buzz on yards as calendars start to populate with upcoming events.

As with anything, knowing where or how to start planning events can be the hardest part. Whether you are a competition newbie or a seasoned athlete, bouncing back with a bang after a long and dreary winter can be hard. Most likely both you and your horse have pulled back the intensity of exercise during the cold and darker months. That’s why we are here to advise you with some ways to make the transition into more intensive work smoother and pain free, helping your horse to feel and perform at their best.


Where to start?

Before you even begin your training schedule, there are some really important checks you must do to ensure your horse is ready to take on more work in preparation for competition.

You wouldn’t drive a car without checking it had, at the very least: a full MOT, four wheels/tyres and functioning brakes.

So…. when it comes to your horse you should always check: that they are up to date with their vaccines and wormers, their feet/shoes are in good condition and their teeth are not sharp or causing any pain.

Therefore, this Spring it is well worth booking a dental check-up and an appointment with the farrier. Our team are also fully qualified to give impartial worming advice and can put together a free worming program that is fully tailored to your horse – just call the number on our website for this free service or email Our team are always happy to help.


Fine tuning

The key to success is to prepare. And when it comes to horses, fine tuning nutrition can have a huge overall impact on performance, recovery, and comfort.

There is so much you can do by adding supplements to your horse’s diet, from building the reserves of joint support, increasing antioxidants to supporting haemoglobin requirements with Iron and B vitamins - but all the same, for the best results in the competitions ahead, this prep should start now. 

Starting a nutritional plan is just as essential as the physical preparations for competition. It is important to bear in mind that you will not see results over night, whether this is in physical training or using supplements, but rather laying strong foundations now will give your horse the best longevity and resilience throughout the year.

Each and every horse will have different nutritional requirements to support their individual needs. Below we have outlined some of our best supplements to support horses coming back into competitive, even just slightly more intensive, work this Spring.


Our 6 best products to kickstart your competition calendar


KURASYN 360X – Joint Supplement

Reduce aches and pains and speed up recovery with TRM Kurasyn 360X. It contains highly bioavailable Curcumin, the active component of Turmeric. Unlike its native Turmeric, Curcumin is 360 times more bioavailable, and it is an anti-inflammatory that aids suppleness and ease of movement.

As a potent antioxidant it assists in the recovery from training through the removal of toxic by-products (free radicals) that result from cell breakdown during exercise.  Kurasyn 360X also contains a mega dose of Hyaluronic Acid. This is particularly important in building up and maintaining the viscosity of synovial fluid in joints for ease of movement.

This brightly coloured supplement has an orange flavour that your horse will love, but take care when you open the bottle or pump, it may stain clothes or the nose of light coloured horses.

Read more about the importance of joint support here.


KURASYN – PB – Additional Joint support

This is a pioneering joint supplement is designed for rapid results, providing fast-acting comfort it comes in a syringe form for easy administration.

Much like KURASYN 360X, KURASYN PB contains microencapsulated Curcumin that has 85 times greater absorption levels compared with standard Curcumin, and 360 times more bioavailable than natural turmeric. 

The curcumin in KURASYN PB is micro-encapsulated in natural oligo-saccharides to further enhance absorption/bioavailability and plasma concentrations.

KURASYN PB is different to Kurasyn 360X as it comes in a syringe and its formula is highly concentrated PLUS it contains the key ingredient micellar solubilized Boswellia serrata. Boswellia is used to support joint discomfort and help inflammation within the joints for both humans and horses alike.

We recommend using a good quality joint supplement for all sports horses no matter what the discipline. We recommend:

KURASYN 360X for every-day use

KURASYN PB to add-on to your daily use of KURASYN 360X and boost the benefits of supplementation during times of rehabilitation, competition additional training or stress.

To discover everything you need to know on Kurasyn PB, click here.


IRONXCELL – Blood Tonic for Energy

This blood tonic contains the optimal level of Iron for daily supplementation in the hard-working performance horse.

The typical performance horse is fed a high grain / low forage diet which can damage the B vitamin producing bacteria because of a starch-induced reduction of pH in the hindgut. Therefore, supplementation of B Vitamins in the performance horse is often warranted.

IronXcell is designed to help horses meet energy and performance demands which ensures that their full athletic potential is expressed in competition.

It contains B6 and B12 which are both vital for energy.

B6- This helps with muscle repair, brain function and so much more. More importantly, B6 converts proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to glucose. The vitamin has a strong influence on energy use too and prolonged energy can be expected when taking a B6 supplement.

B12- Almost every cell in the body uses B12. Not only does it help form red blood cells, B12 converts fat and protein to energy, and a B12 deficiency causes tiredness. If a lack of energy is a problem, it is firmly established within both human and equine medicine that reaching for a dose of B12 can give the ‘pick me up’ that is required. Vitamin B12, along with B6, are best for energy.

IronXcell ensures sufficient Iron and B complex vitamins, for the optimal delivery of energy from cellular respiration. This blood tonic contains the optimal level of Iron for daily supplementation in the hard-working performance horse.

To dive deeper into the science behind why vitamins are so vital to performance, click here.


HOOFMAKER – Hoof Supplement - “No hoof, No horse”

HOOFMAKER provides all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof horn. It has a sulphur enriched formula which ensures that important nutrients are supplied to the horse, to guarantee optimum hoof growth and improved integrity of the hoof. This supplement contains high levels of Biotin, Methionine, MSM, Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Amino Acids.

It is important to remember that a supplement will only improve the quality of new horn growth – it will not affect the quality of the existing hoof. For this reason, you will need to commit to using the supplement for a number of months to allow for more growth. Only then you will notice a true difference.

Compare more of our hoof supplements here.

NEW PRODUCT: FLAMEZZE-EQ – Muscle & Tendon Relief

FLAMEZZE-EQ revitalises and soothes overworked joints, tendons and muscles. It is a 100% natural, topical emulgel (a beneficial combination of an emulsion and a gel) with micellar solubilised Boswellia serrata, emollients, permeation enhancers and a unique blend of essential oils.

Boswellia Serrata contains boswellic acid which can help with swelling and pain. Additionally, it helps improve blood circulation to the tissues. Witch Hazel is rich in gallic acid and tannins and acts as a free radical scavenger while also soothing the skin. Eucalyptus oil helps to increase blood circulation to tissues, relieving muscle soreness after strenuous workout. The peppermint oil acts as a cooling agent thus providing comfort on painful tissues and to help reduce muscle/ tendon/ joint soreness. Unlike some menthol products, this is completely competition/race safe, even if it is licked off the skin. Finally, the Thyme oil sooths the skin, acting as a potent antioxidant which reduces muscular stiffness and oedema.

This ointment leaves a very pleasant aroma, relieving the stress caused by rigorous and painful exercises. It can be applied before and after exercise – ideal for regular massage on muscles, tendons and joints. It is a non-staining, easy to spread and a quick drying formula with a mild cooling sensation.

Maxi-TOP Equine – Boost Muscle and Topline

Maxi Top is packed full of branch chain Amino Acids making it an incredible supplement to development and maintain muscle mass in horses in intense training and competition. It is also excellent for young growing horses, and during periods of rehabilitation after surgery or injury.

This vegan source of Amino Acids comes from Pea Protein and it provides the essential nutrients needed for protein synthesis – the process that creates muscle mass. Sufficient muscle mass is not only crucial for top performance, but it acts as support and protection for tendons and joints.

Read what GB showjumper, Lilly Atwood, thought of this product here.


Competition Preparation Summary – How do I get my horse ready for competition?

We hope this helps you choose the perfect product for your horse that will power your performance to achieve your success. Like everything with horses, they must be given time to maximise their potential and good foundations set early on in the calendar will reap great benefits in the competitions to come.

Farm & Stable Supplies have a wide range of products to assist your horse in both preparation for, and during competition – and we are here to advise you over the phone or web chat to make sure you build the right combination of nutrition to get the best out of your horse. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we work with all levels of sports horse breeders and owners and one call with our team, may just give you a little tip or trick that will give you the competitive edge. You can also message us on any of our social media channels that are lined bellow.

Whichever products you choose, we wish you and your horse the best of luck with the competitive season ahead! We look forward to sharing in your success – and don’t forget to tag us in photos of your horse with our products on social media.




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