Joint Supplements

Equine joint and mobility supplements are the most widely used type of feed supplements on the market, they are essential in the management of arthritis and joint disease in horses.

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We found 22 product(s)

We found 22 product(s)

Our range of horse mobility supplements are designed includes products targeted at anti-inflammatory, pain relief, increased mobility, the stimulation of cartilage growth and the prevention cartilage degeneration. These supplements typically contain a range of ingredients including chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and organic sulphur. Most of the mobility supplements found in this section contain ingredients that specifically are intended to improve the viscosity of the synovial fluid, and to assist the cartilage and the supportive ligaments around the joint. Older horses may become arthritic, causing stiffness and inflammation of the joints, this can become very painful for the animal, thus shortening its working career and reducing its overall quality of life. Arthritis is an irreversible disease which causes the deterioration of cartilage within the joint, leaving exposed bone within the joint and in turn causing pain and inflammation. Using joint supplements can greatly increase the quality of life for an arthritic horse, even in many cases prolonging its career as a race horse or performance horse. Working horses should be given mobility supplements as a precautionary measure against future injury; ensuring healthy joints limits the risk of sprains and strains, whilst also lowering the risk of potential joint diseases, such as arthritis.

We have meticulously scoured the equine marketplace to bring you the best joint supplements around. We stock a multitude of products in all presentations, including powders, liquids, pastes and pellets, allowing you to select the best method of ingestion for your horse. Our joint supplements are developed by leading manufacturers including TRM, Plusvital, NAF and Equine America.