General Health

General horse feed straights include soya oil, linseed, corn oil, rice bran oil, honey, garlic and seaweed, along with grains such as oats, barley, maize, bran and wheat. These straights are usually combined with forage, vitamins, minerals and protein balancers to ensure that your horse receives the correct nutrition.

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We found 50 product(s)

We found 50 product(s)

Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential for the growth and development of horses, the quantities needed for vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to satisfy your horse’s dietary requirements can appear minute, however they are vital, and without them the horse is at risk of severe defects. Managing the intake of vitamins and minerals is a challenging task for any horse owner, not meeting the minimum requirements for vitamins and minerals will result in dietary deficiency, while an excess may in some circumstances become toxic. That is why many equine owners and trainers use vitamins and mineral supplements to supply their horses with the correct supply levels of daily vitamins. This is best achieved through testing the general forage and feed which the horse is supplied with. Once the levels of certain vitamins and minerals have been calculated, a supplement can make up the difference, creating a healthy balance in the animal.

Please Note: Farm & Stable recommends that all feed straights are combined with essential minerals and vitamins, such as lysine, to promote health and fitness.