“Hoof care or no horse!” A horse spends the majority of its life stood on the hoof, making it extremely important to clean and check the horses hooves on a daily basis, This routine should ensure they are clean and free from sharp objects. Getting to know what is normal for your horse will help you to spot any defects in the hoof and identify anything out of the ordinary. This will then enable you to take direct action to prevent potential problems in the future and treat existing hoof conditions.

If your horse has been turned out in damp muddy conditions and then brought in to a stable, it is important to pick out his hooves, not only to check for stones but also to remove the wet mud trapped in the under side of the hoof. If this be allowed to remain in place it will be keep the sole and frog damp for an extended period of time. This results in the horn structures becoming soft and potentially not as resilient as they could be which in time will cause problems.

As well as the external care of the hoof it is important proper hoof supplements and nutrition is essential for a happy, healthy horse that can reach its performance potential. A good hoof supplements for horses to help hoof growth and repair, hooves need a range of minerals and nutrients, including protein, calcium and vitamins A&B , these are vital ingredients in the best hoof supplement  – all of which may be deficient in the diet of a horse fed exclusively on overly-mature pastures or hay.

That's why Farm & Stable supply a selection of hoof nutritional supplements – providing everything your animal needs for healthy hoof growth. Packed with biotin and a range of trace minerals such as zinc, our supplements will enhance hoof repair and ensure rapid, high quality growth. To place your order, simply choose the supplement your animal requires from the list below.

We found 16 product(s)

We found 16 product(s)