Foal Care

Most foals are born without any problems, which we are thankful for however it's a breeder's worst nightmare if something goes wrong. Here are some suggestions in horse foal care so you can be prepared if such an event occurs. You should have tail bandages, disinfectant for the navel, access to warm water, clean towels and a thermometer ready for use when the foal is due.

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We found 9 product(s)

We found 9 product(s)

You should know when the mare is expected to foal, most mares foal between 10pm and 6am so be more alert during these periods. Pregnancy (gestation) for ponies is normally 315 – 340 days ( 330 days as a guide), Thoroughbreds gestation is 320 – 360 days (340 days as a guide) while Donkeys usually last 360 – 380 days( 370 days as a guide).

A foaling box should be ideally 4m x 4m, it should have had a deep clean beforehand. The foaling box should have a dust free bedding. Clean fresh water should be available, always. Good quality hay should be available to the mare as and when she requires it.

Sometimes you need to step in and take responsibility for an orphaned, rejected or sickly foal. When this happens, you need a nutritionally balanced mare's milk replacement to provide your growing foal with the nourishment, vitamins and minerals that it needs to survive and thrive. Farm & Stable carries a range of mare's milk replacement formulas which can be used for both bottle and bucket feeding. Many of our products contain a range of supplements, including immune-boosting colostrum. These milk formulas are available in powdered and liquid forms. What's more, the milk replacement formulas we carry are proven to stimulate growth rates similar to those seen in foals raised naturally on their dams, ensuring healthy adult animals with no ill-effects. If you're a horse breeder, ensure that you always have a supply of foal milk formula on hand by placing your order today.