Digestion & Gastric

Gastric disorders in horses can be caused by diet, training or lifestyle and typically progress from stomach ulcers (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome -usually abbreviated to EGUS) to other more serious conditions. As with all ailments, supplemental treatment is required in order to prevent symptoms from becoming worse. EGUS can be treated and delayed, preventing more serious complications such as pyloric stricture, bleeding and gastric rupture.

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We found 15 product(s)

We found 15 product(s)

The digestive system of a horse is a long and complicated process.

    Food enters the stomach where it will sit for approximately 40 minutes being broken down by acids and enzymes This allows for proteins and fats to be more easily absorbed when it enters the small intestine. After the food has traveled through the small intestine it reaches the hind gut, this is the final stage of the horse’s digestive system. When food enters the hind gut it will stay there for 2-3 days slowly fermenting. This section of the digestive system is where the absorption of energy occurs, it is vital to keep this section running smoothly.

    A problem faced by many horses is a diet high in starch. Starch can build up in the hind gut where it is broken down by starch-digesting bacteria; this process creates lactic acid which will build up in the hind gut increasing acidity, killing beneficial bacteria. A high starch can cause health problems such as general performance issues, colic and founder.

    If your horse is confined to a small grazing area or confined in a stable, digestive problems can occur due to nutritional deficits. These problems can also arise as a result of heavy performance demands such as competitions and racing. As such, digestive supplements are recommended to nearly all horses in order to ensure that all of your animals' nutritional needs are met and digestion problems averted. Farm & Stable stock a full range of equine digestion supplements to prevent these digestive upsets from occurring, so make sure you place your order today.