Blades & Accessories

Farm & Stable carry a full selection of accessories to keep your trimmers and clippers in full working order. We currently stock power leads and battery packs for our Lister clippers range, alongside electrical extension leads and circuit breakers. You'll also find smaller accessories and replacements, including spring tensioners and replacement blade pegs for clipper drive blocks.

Choosing the right clipper or trimmer blade doesn't need to be a mind-boggling task, thanks to Farm & Stable's easy-to-use trimmer and clipper blade store. We carry hundreds of blades for all ranges of clippers and trimmers, ranging from heavy-duty wide blades to precise surgical blades. You'll find blades for the following manufacturers in the catalogue below: Lister, Wolseley A2, A2F, Heiniger Surgical, Wahl, Oster and Moser.

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