Col-Late Foal Colostrum 250g

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Short Overview

Col-Late Foal Colostrum is a formulation that provides high quality colostrum whilst giving a balanced nutritional feed, providing the essential energy and body warmth for life

Product Overview

Whole Colostrum For Foals collate whole colostrum should be used in cases of poor natural colostrum availability as soon after foaling as possible. COLLATE WHOLE COLOSTRUM will provide a total balanced nutritional feed which will supply the essential energy and body warmth for life. When no natural colostrum is available from the mare, it is recommended that the veterinary surgeon should administer around 40ml of whole blood drawn from the mare, to the foal, in conjunction with the oral administration of colostrum replacers. COLLATE WHOLE COLOSTRUM is easy to administer by bottle or stomach tube and will provide extra energy for small and weak foals.